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The CPI figure for Sep, (upon which Benefit increases are based), was 2.2%.

Old age state pensions will however, increase by 2.5%, which is guaranteed  by the Government.

Army pensions, and all other state pensions and benefits are likely to increase by CPI, that is 2.2%.


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That's if they don't find an excuse not to increase it, like they have in the past.................


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Tut Tut Mick, so cynical
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Nope, I reckon he's a realist, look wot Labour done last time.

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Only once in my time have we not got a rise was in the year the the RPI was in the negative (2009 for 2010) I think we will get the 2.2% based on CPI, which is lower than the Sept RPI @ 2.6%

State (Retirement) Pensions are guaranteed at a minimum of 2.5% but as Tel says Public Service Pensions (PSP) are not

A piece of legilation to keep an eye on is 'The Public Services Pensions Bill' put before Parliament on 13 September 2012 which is where any future changes will be made. which may break the link with RPI/CPI to a 'Treasury Order' based on anything they like in the future.

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I retired from work in 2001. I do not feel I have been ill used on the Pension increase front in those years.
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